Accurate Group achieves record revenues as result of real estate appraisal technology and process innovations

Accurate Group achieves record revenues as result of real estate appraisal technology and process innovations

We are pleased to report that Accurate Group achieved record revenue levels in May and June 2016. The company has a long track record of delivering strong revenue growth, as validated by our position in the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list for five consecutive years. We’d like to thank our clients, partners/vendors and employees for helping us achieve this success!

Accurate Group continues to realize growth in both its real estate appraisal management and title services divisions, driven by recent innovations in our solution offerings, including:

  • Leveraging responsive technology to deliver unprecedented transparency to lenders and servicers. Announced in January 2016, the new interface for Accurate Group’s appraisal management and title services platform (Archer®) leverages the latest in mobile and responsive framework technologies to empower lenders, servicers and appraisers to manage the complete lifecycle of an appraisal or title request – from order to status to delivery to vendor accountability to analysis for continuous improvement – dynamically optimized in real-time to adapt to the user’s device of choice, whether it be a web browser, mobile phone or tablet.
  • Supporting the vision and delivery of a next-generation solution for interior appraisals that is transforming the home equity appraisal market. The solution, iValueNet, for the first time gives lenders a regulatory-compliant alternative to a traditional 1004 appraisal. iValueNet is proven to save lenders at least $100 per loan plus deliver faster turnaround on home equity appraisals, while still maintaining required compliance standards. Like all of Accurate Group’s ValueNet products, the resulting appraisal is prepared by a licensed or certified appraiser. To date, 21 out of the top 25 home equity lenders use ValueNet and over 1.2 million appraisals have been delivered using ValueNet, making a significant contribution to lender profitability.
  • The release of a market-leading mobile app that both accelerates and improves the quality of property inspections. The GroundWorks™ app is the first of its kind in the industry, combining a crowdsourcing model, mobile technology, localized expertise and automated process workflows to accelerate the delivery of more accurate property condition reports. The application connects Accurate Group’s nationwide network of pre-screened real estate property inspectors and empowers them with an Uber-like model for securing and responding to requests for property condition reports. Banks, mortgage lenders, loan servicers and credit unions benefit from faster turnaround on property inspections, plus the increased accuracy and insight that only a local, on-the-ground property inspector can deliver.

Our focus on building creative, value-enhancing solutions for banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders, combined with our willingness to invest in new technologies and process innovations to improve appraisal management and title service efficiency, has proven to be an effective strategy, and we look forward to more exciting developments to come.

Learn more about Accurate Group’s next-generation Archer® real estate appraisal management and title platform, the GroundWorks property inspection mobile app and the market-leading iValueNet home equity appraisal solution.

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