Real estate appraiser opportunities grow with Accurate Group

Real estate appraiser opportunities grow with Accurate Group

Real estate appraiser quote - Accurate GroupWe are pleased to announce that we are expanding our nationwide real estate appraiser network and offering appraisers new business opportunities and access to leading-edge technology to make their jobs easier. By serving as an outsourced managed service provider for lenders and servicers of mortgage, refinance and home equity loans, Accurate Group sees consistently high appraisal volumes. As the number of licensed and certified appraisers continues to decline nationwide, Accurate Group is proactively taking steps to expand its appraiser panel in key markets.

Better service, faster appraisal turn times and buffer against appraiser shortage are key goals

By further expanding its appraiser network, Accurate Group hopes to reduce the risk its clients face from the appraiser shortage and ensure clients receive high service levels and the fastest possible appraisal turnaround times from Accurate Group. In addition, the appraiser network expansion opens up new business opportunities and visibility for appraisers looking to grow their business, receive a more consistent volume of appraisal orders and gain access to leading-edge appraisal management and compliance technology. Appraisers who partner with Accurate Group become part of an elite force of the nation’s top real estate appraisers and get access to new business flowing in from banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders and servicers.

We’re actively seeking to attract top real estate appraisers in select markets and offering appraisers the following benefits:

  • Access to a state-of-the-art, cloud-based appraisal management platform that uses smart assignment logic to enable appraisers to select the orders that are best for them – factoring in the scope of work, a reasonable fee for the assignment and the distance to the subject property to help appraisers maximize their income on every appraisal
  • Streamlined onboarding process that bypasses lengthy application forms and requires no upfront costs – Accurate Group covers the cost of background checks
  • Fast, timely and reasonable payments for completed appraisals
  • Ability to minimize errors and revisions using Accurate Group’s next generation appraisal management platform, which provides automated appraisal checks against the latest regulatory requirements
  • Access to Accurate Group’s innovative desktop appraisal technology product, ValueNet™, which allows appraisers to complete home equity appraisals from their home or office
  • Access to Accurate Group’s in-house team of licensed appraisers for support and collaboration on any questions or issues regarding an appraisal order

To be successful, we recognize that a strong, mutual partnership with all appraisers is extremely important. We want to do all we can to attract the best quality appraisers to our team, and we are continually making investments in both technology and programs to streamline appraisal processes and foster collaborative relationships with both our clients and our appraisers.

What do appraisers have to say about working with Accurate Group?

“I have worked with Accurate Group for several years, and they have done several things that I feel really help in the appraisal process. Their website is very easy to navigate, which therefore makes it easy to update files, collect orders and send reports.  In addition, the communication lines with them are very good and extremely friendly,” stated Gregory Fritz, a certified residential appraiser. “Another very important factor in having a relationship with Accurate Group is that payments are made promptly and accurately. I give Accurate Group the highest grade in customer service, making them one of my favorite appraisal management companies that I work with.”

How to join our real estate appraiser team

Real estate appraisers interested in joining the appraisal network are encouraged to email Accurate Group at or call 877-587-6361 for more information.

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