Real estate appraisers – grow your business by joining the Accurate Appraiser Network

Real estate appraisers – grow your business by joining the Accurate Appraiser Network

If you’re a licensed or certified real estate appraiser looking to expand your business or find new partnerships that are more rewarding and collaborative, then the Accurate Appraiser Network is the perfect opportunity for you.

Accurate Group expects significant growth in appraisal volume and we’re actively expanding our network of licensed appraisers to meet that demand. Appraisers who partner with Accurate Group become part of an elite force of the nation’s top real estate appraisers and get access to new business opportunities flowing in from banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders and servicers.

Accurate Group sets itself apart from other AMCs by focusing on exceptional service, the most innovative technology and continuous compliance. Strategic long-term partnerships with both lenders and appraisers are a top priority for us.

As we enhance our technology and appraisal process framework to meet the needs of lenders, we are also incorporating features to enable stronger collaboration with our appraisers. Our goal is to provide the best full-service, outsourced appraisal management and compliance offering to banks, credit unions and other mortgage lenders. This means delivering the highest quality of service and the most accurate, compliant appraisals to our clients.

Join Accurate Appraiser Network

To be successful, we recognize that partnerships with appraisers are extremely important. We want to attract the best quality appraisers to our team, and we are making investments in both technology and programs to foster collaborative relationships with both our clients and our appraisers.

Why work with Accurate Group?

Grow your business.

  • Get access to lender business nationwide. Accurate Group services 21 of the top 25 home equity lenders in the country and 2 of the 5 largest lenders in the country, plus numerous other regional banks and credit unions.
  • Our state-of-the-art, cloud-based appraisal management platform uses smart assignment logic that rewards top appraisers with as much work as they can handle – giving you control over how fast you grow.
  • Market yourself to lenders with a detailed online profile on the Accurate Appraiser Network – the LinkedIn of the real estate appraiser world.

Make your life easier.

  • There are no upfront costs to join the Accurate Appraiser Network, and we pay for your background check.
  • We deliver fast, timely payments for completed appraisals.
  • The smart assignment logic in our cloud-based appraisal management system considers distance to the subject property – reducing the amount of time you spend on travel, lowering your cost per assignment and helping you maximize your income on every appraisal.

Gain access to innovative technology.

  • Accurate Group’s next generation appraisal management platform provides automated appraisal checks against the latest regulatory requirements, allowing you to catch issues up front and minimize revisions.
  • In addition to giving you access to the latest appraisal management technology, Accurate Group also has a team of licensed appraisers in house and available to support you.

Contact us to get started.

Accurate Group is not like other appraisal management companies – we emphasize strong partnerships across the board with both our clients and our appraisers. We recognize the value of long-term, collaborative relationships with top quality appraisers. By joining the Accurate Appraiser Network, you can grow your business more quickly and gain the opportunity  work with one of the fastest growing AMCs in the country, as recognized by Inc. magazine.

For more information on joining the Accurate Appraiser Network, please email us at

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