Increasing Customer Satisfaction – Scheduling Appraisals is Just a Click Away!

Increasing Customer Satisfaction – Scheduling Appraisals is Just a Click Away!

At Accurate Group, our mission is to deliver both lender and borrower satisfaction, while at the same time improving loan cycle times. We continually enhance our technology and roll out new solutions to support this goal. On December 5, 2017 we announced our Guaranteed Purchase Appraisal Program, designed to help lenders better manage loan cycle times. Now we’ve taken it a step further…

Latest Advancement in Appraisal Technology

On April 14, 2018, we’ll launch our latest capability – Automated Appraisal Scheduling.

Benefits of Automated Appraisal Scheduling

With Automated Appraisal Scheduling, appraisals can now be scheduled directly within Accurate Group’s Archer appraisal management platform, accelerating the scheduling process and reducing turn times.

This new technology empowers everyone in the appraisal cycle – borrowers, real estate agents, appraisers and lenders. No more waiting by the phone! Within minutes of receiving an order from the lender, Accurate Group’s automated appraisal assignment algorithm uses advanced scoring to select and message a certified appraiser for order acceptance.

After assignment acceptance, a message with a link to the Automated Scheduling Portal is sent to the customer – typically either the borrower or real estate agent. The customer can request up to three dates and times for the appraisal appointment and, as an added layer of security, a photo of the appraiser is displayed.


One word we had in mind during the development of the Automated Appraisal Scheduling Portal was simplicity. After all, we’re consumers too. We challenged our developers to approach the platform from the customer’s point of view – how easy would you want this experience to be if you were the customer? What would matter most? What would make this easy for the lender to quickly implement?

Rising to the Challenge

No app to download.

Accurate Group’s Automated Appraisal Scheduling Portal is one click away and works on all mobile devices.

The Automated Appraisal Scheduling Platform is secure.

We never display NPPI, making it easier for your InfoSec team to grant approval by eliminating this concern, resulting in a faster rollout to customers.

The Automated Appraisal Scheduling Portal displays a photo of the assigned appraiser for an additional layer of customer security.

So What Are You Waiting For?

One click is all it takes to access Accurate Group’s secure Automated Appraisal Scheduling Portal, requiring minimal information to set up the appraisal appointment.

Working with Accurate Group for appraisal management and automated appraisal scheduling can shave days off loan cycle times for both home equity and purchase originations. Contact us today.



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