Reasons to Love Your Appraisal Management Company

Reasons to Love Your Appraisal Management Company

Hidden Value of AMCs twitterIt’s Valentine’s Day – how many reasons can you think of to love your appraisal management company (AMC)?  We all know that some appraisers and lenders dislike AMCs. Why? Many people view AMCs as an expensive intermediary, simply in existence due to government regulations.

While many lenders and appraisers have developed good working relationships with AMCs, the introduction of an AMC registry fee requirement by the Appraisal Subcommittee of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (ASC) will likely raise the cost of doing business for AMCs. This may lead some lenders to rethink which and how many AMCs they maintain active relationships with going forward.

Whether you’re an appraiser or a lender, it’s important to understand that not all AMCs are created equal.

As with any industry, there are corrupt players who don’t play by the rules. This has resulted in a negative stereotype of all AMCs. The market continues to be fragmented, making it difficult for appraisers and lenders to differentiate good AMCs from bad ones. Sadly, bad AMCs give the entire population a bad rap. But the best AMCs actually deliver a lot of value – so how do you identify the good ones?

Appraisal management is a critical aspect of your real estate lending and loan servicing business. The appraisal process impacts the cost, risk and turn time of each loan – so it’s important to get it right.

We’ve put together an entire eBook outlining the Hidden Value of AMCs and included tips for finding and selecting the best appraisal management company for your business.

Download the Hidden Value of AMCs eBook now to find out how you can get more value from your AMC and maybe even discover a few reasons to love them.

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