fatti™ – Appraisal Turn Time Indicator

Improve predictability of appraisal turn times.

Appraisal turnaround times are a critical component of overall loan cycle time and a key performance indicator for banks, credit unions and other real estate lenders as they strive to improve profitability and borrower satisfaction. The Forecasted Appraisal Turn Time Indicator (fatti™) framework aggregates nationwide data from Accurate Group’s extensive appraiser panel to generate monthly forecasts of appraisal turn times. Lenders can leverage monthly fatti reports to better manage real estate appraisals and more accurately set purchase agreement terms, rate lock commitments and borrower expectations.

Real estate appraisal data tailored to your needs.

Accurate Group’s fatti report is designed to help lenders better predict appraisal cycle times, which have been widely varying due to market volumes, cost volatility, complex regulations and a growing appraiser shortage in some markets. In addition, fatti improves the borrower experience for purchase and refinance appraisals by helping lenders set more realistic expectations with borrowers, realtors and closing agents. The fatti report is broken down by the lender’s footprint to deliver more accurate turn time forecasts based on the unique characteristics of each real estate market.

Demand transparency and collaboration from your AMC.

The fatti analytics tool gives you the insight you need to improve your appraisal management processes and better manage borrower expectations. It also improves the lender-AMC-appraiser relationship because all parties are managing to the same data set. Transparency is a key differentiator for Accurate Group as an appraisal management company, and the fatti framework helps ensure our lender clients have the information they need to be successful. Contact Accurate Group today to learn how the fatti framework can help your business.


Gain insight into nationwide appraisal turn time forecasts
More accurately set purchase agreement terms, rate lock commitments and borrower expectations
Ability to tailor data and reports to your specific footprint
Streamline and improve the lender-AMC-appraiser relationship
Lower uncertainty and better manage appraisal risk