Get high quality, compliant appraisals – and worry a lot less.

The mortgage industry is more complex than ever before, regulatory oversight has increased and regulations continue to change – making the traditional appraisal management company nearly obsolete. Processes and technology that worked for you just two years ago are no longer adequate for ongoing growth and compliance, and traditional appraisal management companies may not be scalable or innovative enough to help you grow today or in the future.

Accurate Group is leading the industry by setting a new standard – a commitment to serving as the industry’s first Appraisal Management and Compliance Company (AMCC™). Compliance is the cornerstone of our AMCC model – we are not only equipped to handle your high-volume appraisal needs nationwide, but we are uniquely positioned to provide the widest array of appraisal management services in a regulatory compliant manner to lower your overall risk.

Most comprehensive portfolio of appraisal products.

Accurate Group offers the most diverse, extensive set of appraisal products to meet the specific needs of each loan or transaction type. Our proprietary valuation cascade empowers you to select the right product for each transaction type to lower costs, decrease your risk and improve the accuracy of information – ultimately contributing to the profitability and success of your business.

Consistent, efficient appraisal processes.

Repeatable, consistent processes are critical for operational efficiency, customer service and compliance. Accurate Group has developed a comprehensive set of valuation processes and an innovative appraisal management technology platform designed to deliver you the most cost-effective, accurate results while balancing compliance and quality with industry leading turnaround time.

On-demand, transparent technology.

On-demand access, transparency, customized process workflows, built-in compliance and robust reporting are just a few of the benefits you get from our innovative real estate valuation technology platform – Accurate Archer®.

Compliance as a cornerstone.

Compliance is a cornerstone of our appraisal management process which is why Accurate Group is the industry’s only Appraisal Management and Compliance Company – ensuring you are prepared to meet regulations with a repeatable, transparent process. Our ground-breaking AccurateAudit™ Kit provides you with the documentation you need to handle a regulatory valuation audit.

Combine these four focus areas with our proven commitment to delivering the industry’s best service and quality, and it’s clear why Accurate Group is the number one choice for your real estate appraisal and valuation needs.

Less overhead and lower risk for you.

If you are performing your own appraisals in-house, you are putting your business at compliance risk and incurring higher costs than necessary. And if you’re using a traditional AMC, you may not be getting optimal value.  It’s time to make the move to a true AMCC – contact Accurate Group today.


The best AMC, plus industry-leading compliance for lower risk
Most comprehensive portfolio of appraisal and valuation products
Optimal balance of price, speed, quality and compliance
Innovative on-demand technology
Turnkey appraisal compliance and audit support with AccurateAudit Kit
Industry’s highest quality standards
Exceptional customer service
Nationwide coverage