Accurate EquityClear

Accurate EquityClear™

Close home equity loans faster.

As the economy strengthens and home values continue to rise, how can you take advantage of the opportunity to close home equity loans faster without overburdening the borrower or your team?

Leverage automated title and lien clearance for greater efficiency and less risk.

With EquityClear, Accurate Group facilitates the title search and automates the review of lien and vesting history using both public and non-public data sources. EquityClear’s automated clearance engine generates a more accurate and useful title report. Benefits include outsourcing of lien clearance, faster closings, greater efficiency, lower risk, less work for loan officers and underwriting teams and better lending qualification decisions.

Free your team from the burden of lien clearance and grow a more profitable home equity business, contact Accurate Group today.


Faster, more accurate pre-closing data and lien clearance
Expedites lien clearance and lowers risk by applying a repeatable, standardized review process  to every loan
Reduces fixed overhead expense
Eliminates lien clearance burden from internal resources
Less hassle and improved borrower experience
Process automation for more thorough, efficient analysis
Faster loan closings
Single point of contact nationwide

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