Capital Markets

Capital Markets

Get a more accurate valuation of real estate and mortgage-backed assets.

If you’re an asset manager, hedge fund, investment bank or REIT with a growing set of residential real estate and mortgage-related holdings in your portfolio, accurate valuation of those assets is critical. As you continue to expand your real-estate related holdings, the challenge of maintaining an accurate valuation of these assets and ensuring regulatory compliance grows.

Lower risk with better compliance and greater accuracy.

Compliance risk is rising. Scrutiny by the SEC and state regulators on how real estate assets are valued and traded, combined with stricter accounting standards, are resulting in a mission-critical need for more accurate valuation tools. Portfolio investments impacted include real estate, individual mortgages, mortgage portfolios, mortgage pools and mortgage-backed securities. Due to the size of these assets, inaccurate portfolio valuation may have a significant financial impact on your business. It’s time to adopt a better, more innovative solution.

Leverage innovative technology being adopted by leading investment firms and lenders.

Many capital markets firms use broker price opinions (BPOs) for valuation of real estate portfolios, but BPOs can be risky due to improper record keeping, inconsistent standards and regulations that vary by state. Innovation led by Accurate Group has resulted in a better option – hybrid appraisal products. Hybrid appraisal products, such as Accurate ValueNet™, deliver greater accuracy, better compliance and quick turn times. ValuetNet is widely used by lenders and is the #1 alternative valuation suite on the market today. Now top investment banks, hedge funds, REITs and asset management firms are adopting ValueNet for high-volume, ongoing valuation of real estate holdings and mortgage-related assets.

Capture the true value of your portfolio, at a low cost and with full compliance.

Contact Accurate Group to learn how our ValueNet hybrid appraisal technology platform can help you deliver lower risk, more accurate and fully-compliant real estate portfolio valuations.


More accurate valuation of real estate portfolios and mortgage-related assets
Proven technology in use by top lenders and investment banks nationwide
Lower risk, better compliance with SEC and Basal regulations
Better, more accurate alternative to BPOs
Innovative, secure technology for transparent monitoring, reporting and governance
Proven, industry-leading provider with reliable, dependable network