ValueNet video: the best desktop appraisal technology

ValueNet video: the best desktop appraisal technology


Watch the ValueNet video for an overview of the ValueNet appraisal technology platform. With both interior and exterior inspection options, support for loans over $400,000 and a 17-year track record, ValueNet can help you improve the profitability of your home equity, HELOC and portfolio loan businesses.


Explore this short video to:

  • Learn why ValueNet is the best desktop appraisal technology suite for shortening appraisal turn times, lowering appraisal costs and ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Learn how ValueNet can help you address the real estate appraiser shortage
  • Learn how ValueNet works and see why it’s unique from other desktop appraisal products on the market today


Contact Accurate Group today to learn how ValueNet can help you. Or sign up for our free appraisal analysis program to get specific recommendations for leveraging the ValueNet technology platform in your business.

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