Appraisal Products

Appraisal Products

Don’t settle for a traditional AMC.

The dynamic and highly regulated nature of today’s real estate lending industry adds more risk to your business. The traditional appraisal management company (AMC) model relies on low cost appraisers, exposing you to significant reputation risk, compromised quality, substandard customer service and inadequate compliance. Accurate Group provides you with a better alternative – a customer-focused, quality-driven Appraisal Management and Compliance Company (AMCC™).

The best combination of compliance, quality, speed and price.

Accurate Group has spent years developing innovative technology that enables us to provide high quality appraisals and superior service to our clients while at the same time engaging the most qualified appraiser for every assignment. This allows us to deliver higher quality appraisals and proactively monitor valuation compliance. Our Valuation Compliance Report gives you the unique ability to customize quality control without slowing the appraisal process.

Deliver more value with the most comprehensive array of appraisal products.

Create operational efficiency by leveraging Accurate Group’s expansive portfolio of appraisal products into a valuation cascade. The valuation cascade is customized to your specific needs and designed to deliver the least expensive, highest quality, regulatory compliant valuation for each transaction.

Accurate Group offers traditional appraisal, desktop appraisal, hybrid appraisal and alternative valuation products for residential and commercial collateral valuations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Our appraisal products include: