Accurate ValueNet

Accurate ValueNet™

Increase home equity loan profits and get more accurate real estate portfolio valuations with on-demand, hybrid appraisals.

Unlike other home equity appraisal and real estate asset valuation products on the market, Accurate ValueNet appraisals are completed at the local level utilizing local data and the MLS to streamline and accelerate the valuation process. Accurate ValueNet appraisers are thoroughly vetted and have deep knowledge and experience in their respective local markets. Supporting property condition reports are available on-demand via our exclusive mobile app that enables you to get fast, locally sourced property condition reports (PCRs). ValueNet enables you to get cost-effective appraisals for home equity loans, HELOCs, REO properties, real estate portfolios, mortgage-backed assets, and qualified portfolio mortgage loans without sacrificing quality or compliance.

Meet the time and cost pressures of today’s market without sacrificing appraisal quality.

Using a sophisticated process that parallels traditional appraisals, ValueNet appraisals include extensive research of the subject property, comparable selection from local data sources including MLS and the actual valuation of the property. And because the ValueNet appraisal process and the report form are USPAP-compliant, you can trust that the proper process was followed and the resulting valuation is accurate.

Interior appraisals are supported with the iValueNet product – delivering a fully-compliant alternative to a 1004 appraisal faster and at a lower cost, even for loans greater than $400,000.

Watch the ValueNet video to see why ValueNet is the market leader and best desktop appraisal management technology suite.

Get ValueNet – the most proven and innovative hybrid appraisal technology.

Accurate ValueNet has generated over one million appraisals, is the #1 home equity appraisal solution, and is being adopted by investment banks and asset management firms nationwide – don’t settle for less for your business. Contact Accurate Group today or visit the Accurate ValueNet website for a complete overview of the leading desktop appraisal technology suite.


#1 Home equity appraisal solution
Most accurate, compliant option for real estate portfolio and mortgage-related asset valuation
Interior and exterior appraisal options
Mobile, on-demand access
Fast turnaround
Significant cost savings
Local appraiser, local data
Accurate valuations
Ideal for home equity loans and REO properties

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Maximize your profit margins from home equity loans.