Accurate EquityNow

Accurate EquityNow™

Maximize your profit margins from home equity loans.

Home equity transactions should be as efficient and profitable as possible, but that is not always the case. Attempting to use title services designed for first mortgage loans may unnecessarily slow down the process and add costs that reduce your profit margins.

Title services uniquely designed for home equity.

Accurate EquityNow™ is a title search and lien recording process uniquely tailored for home equity lenders. The process is designed to improve efficiency, streamline lending process requirements, enhance existing credit underwriting and reduce risk.

With Accurate EquityNow, you as the lender build your desired home equity title process based on your unique risk tolerance and process needs, and Accurate Group executes on the service. This gives you exactly what you need and eliminates unnecessary time and costs – helping you grow a truly profitable home equity business.

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all home equity title solution, contact Accurate Group today.


Unique processes tailored to your home equity business
Eliminates paperwork and reduces time and cost
Fast, accurate pre-closing title data
Data quality ensured through a dual quality review process
Title data driven by credit risk
Expedites the lien clearance process while mitigating risk
Saves time and eliminates paperwork
Customer-focused recording process including document rejection assistance
Tracking and imaging of recorded documents
Uniform fees in all coverage areas for ease of disclosure

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