Innovative technology that delivers the most efficient and compliant appraisal and title solutions.

No lender can be successful in today’s world without partnering with suppliers that deliver best-in-class technology that meets your specific needs now and is easily adaptable to your changing requirements over time. With Accurate Group, you gain on-demand access to innovative appraisal and title solutions, integrated seamlessly into your current infrastructure. We maintain direct interfaces to loan origination systems and are a high volume, certified supplier for transaction routers including VMC, FNC and RealEC. Our nimble technology environment allows us to deliver higher quality appraisals and title reports faster and at a lower cost than anyone else in the market – without sacrificing quality or putting your business at risk.

Whether you choose to access our appraisal and title services from within your loan origination system or via our interactive web portal, Accurate Group’s solutions ensure you get the fastest, most accurate results while adhering to dynamic compliance regulations.

Security, data handling practices and adherence to regulatory compliance are top priorities.

SOC LogoYou can rest assured that Accurate Group has implemented the policies, processes and audits required to keep your proprietary information secure. All of your critical data will be encrypted while in motion and at rest in our SOC 2 compliant world-class data centers supported by highly skilled technical personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This professional approach to technology management allows Accurate Group to provide reliable and scalable systems, located in a secure environment, so that you don’t have to worry about consistency, reliability, scalability or compliance.

The dependability you need.

Accurate Group’s ongoing goal is to be regarded as the industry’s most dependable appraisal and title supplier. This includes working with the industry’s leading standards organizations to ensure we maintain the credentials that give you confidence, such as becoming an ALTA-certified best practices provider. Experienced lenders understand all interfaces are not created equal. 24/7 monitoring and advanced error checking are critical components of a fully functional interface. Accurate Group delivers the high degree of professionalism that is required to maintain comprehensive and proven dependability, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your clients and on the other demands of your business.

Transform your appraisal and title processes.

Explore the Accurate Group system portfolio to learn more about technology applications that can help you transform your appraisal and title processes.

Get the most innovative title processing and appraisal management technology in the industry – contact Accurate Group today.


Integration with leading loan origination systems and transaction routers
Future proof your integrations
Vulnerability or ethical hacking assessments to help protect your data
Secure, scalable environment with state-of-the-art firewall and intrusion detection systems
SOC 2 compliant technology and ALTA-certified best practices
Disaster recovery and business continuity assurance
Continuous regulatory compliance updates
Most innovative technology platform in the mortgage industry