Accurate VCR™

Accurate VCR™

Automated appraisal reviews lower your risk.

Timely, accurate appraisals that stand up to compliance scrutiny are critical for your success. You need the best technology and valuations products available for every possible home lending opportunity. By choosing Accurate Group, you gain access to the most comprehensive valuations compliance package which includes an automated, outsourced appraisal review tool – the Accurate Valuation Compliance Report (VCR).

Advanced technology consistently delivers a thorough, in-depth appraisal analysis and reduces your costs.

The valuation compliance report includes an automated appraisal review, UAD and regulatory compliance check as well as an eyes-on review by licensed appraisers. Accurate VCR™ employs state-of-the-art technology to conduct a thorough, in-depth automated appraisal review customizable to your unique needs. Accurate VCR creates operational efficiency by reducing or eliminating redundant lender appraisal review functions, regardless of whether Accurate delivers the appraisal or another appraisal management company is used. When used in conjunction with Accurate Group’s appraisal management solution, Accurate VCR reduces turnaround times and lowers your cost and time burden while also ensuring compliance.

Don’t settle for a standard AMC.

Why settle for a standard appraisal management company when you can benefit from a full-service Appraisal Management and Compliance Company (AMCC™) – contact Accurate Group today.


Streamlined appraisal reviews that deliver faster, more accurate valuations at less cost
Instant flagging of potential quality errors or compliance issues
Built-in compliance to ensure adherence to the latest regulations
Thorough, automated data verification