Chief Appraiser Michele Golden Shares Insights on PahRooZings: Appraisers on Purpose podcast

Chief Appraiser Michele Golden Shares Insights on PahRooZings: Appraisers on Purpose podcast

Tune in to August 23, 2023 Episode: Appraisals in Crisis? 6 Insights to Turn the Tide and Thrive

Don’t miss this inspiring episode where Michele Golden, Accurate Group’s Chief Appraiser, explores the evolving landscape of ethics in appraisals and why appraisers should embrace change, seize opportunities, and be the catalyst for transformation in the appraisal industry.


Need Help Implementing Appraisal Modernization?

Accurate Group’s appraisal modernization and property data collection suite, powered by its proven flagship technology products, ValueNet™ and GroundWorks™, meet the data standards for all industry appraisal modernization initiatives on the market today.

Lenders who leverage Accurate Group’s proven technologies and processes on purchase and refinance origination loans experience reduced cycle times plus significant cost savings when compared to traditional and residential appraisals, along with greater accuracy and a better borrower experience.

In addition, Accurate Group’s affiliate, AppraisalWorks™, offer lenders a cloud-based approach to managing all of your appraisal efforts, empowering lenders to work with multiple providers and eliminate screening overhead by consolidating access to approved service providers.

AppraisalWorks provides a neutral SaaS platform to lenders and servicers, enabling them to build a vendor panel of AMCs, appraisers, or both, and use the system to manage all appraisal orders across all providers from a single technology platform, complete with intelligent reporting and dashboards. To learn more, contact

And if you are thinking about implementing appraisal modernization, check out our Lender’s Guide to Appraisal Modernization eBook or contact us today to accelerate your appraisal modernization and digital mortgage efforts!

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