The Lender’s Guide to Appraisal Modernization

The Lenders Guide to Appraisal Modernization

94% of lenders say appraisal modernization efforts are valuable to the industry. They cite shortened loan time, enhanced appraiser capacity and lower consumer costs as the three biggest benefits of appraisal modernization.

This Lender’s Guide to Appraisal Modernization offers a broad overview of the appraisal modernization challenge facing the mortgage industry, plus tips for managing through the appraisal modernization process at your organization. With this eBook, you’ll:

  • Discover the state of appraisal modernization and its challenges.
  • Explore four critical factors to consider when selecting an appraisal technology platform.
  • Gain three tips for creating an effective appraisal modernization strategy.

Download the “Lenders Guide to Appraisal Modernization” eBook now to learn how to modernize your appraisal processes and technology for long-term success.