What do Fannie Mae CU changes mean for you?

What do Fannie Mae CU changes mean for you?

As of January 26, 2015, Fannie Mae is making its Collateral Underwriter tool (Fannie Mae CU) available to lenders and appraisal management companies, enabling them to take full advantage of this application for quality control and risk purposes. This action moves appraisal risk, data integrity, and overall appraisal quality from the back end of the loan sale process to the front end What were warnings in the past, are now hard stops thus having an immediate impact on lender underwriting procedures.

As the industry’s first and leading appraisal management and compliance company (AMCC™), Accurate Group has been proactively communicating with Fannie Mae to incorporate the new requirements into its turnkey service offerings to ensure a seamless transition for its lenders, including extensive training, process and technology updates.

As a result, we are ready to help lenders adhere to the new Fannie Mae requirements and are prepared to make this change a smooth transition.

To learn more about how Accurate Group can help you adhere to Fannie Mae’s new CU guidelines, read our recent Fannie Mae CU support press release and download our Fannie Mae CU Compliance Alert.

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