Accurate Group Aligned with Fannie Mae on new Valuation Modernization Solution Value Acceptance + Property Data Initiative

Accurate Group Aligned with Fannie Mae on new Valuation Modernization Solution Value Acceptance + Property Data Initiative

Following extensive pilot, Accurate Group is one of only six providers approved by Fannie Mae

CLEVELAND, OHIO – March 10, 2023 – Accurate Group, a leading provider of technology-driven real estate appraisal, title data, analytics and e-closing solutions, today announced they are one of six service providers approved after extensive review and client testing by Fannie Mae for the new Value Acceptance + Property Data valuation modernization initiative.

Accurate Group’s appraisal modernization and property data collection suite, powered by its proven flagship technology products, ValueNet™ and GroundWorks, meet the data standards for all industry appraisal modernization initiatives on the market today.

Lenders who leverage ValueNet and GroundWorks proven technologies and processes on purchase and refinance origination loans eligible for Fannie Mae’s Value Acceptance + Property Data experience reduced cycle times plus significant cost savings when compared to traditional and residential appraisals, along with greater accuracy and a better borrower experience.

“As the nationwide market-leader with over 25 years’ experience in appraisal modernization, Accurate Group’s data collection and hybrid appraisal solutions are uniquely designed for the modern processes and technologies mortgage lenders are evolving to and offer API-enabled connectivity to industry platforms and loan origination systems,” said Michele Golden, chief appraiser for Accurate Group. “Under our ValueNet suite of products alone, we’ve completed over three million property data inspections and hybrid appraisals. Accurate Group is the expert with the most experience and provides the digital framework and modernized appraisal processes our clients need to remain competitive in today’s real estate lending environment.”

“We are one of two companies listed under the approved service providers for Fannie Mae’s Value Acceptance + Property Data that also offer title and closing solutions in addition to valuation services,” said Paul Doman, president and CEO of Accurate Group. “That’s a big statement – we’re a one-stop shop for lenders giving them a significant advantage over their competitors. Our appraisal, property inspection, title and closing technologies are designed to plug into any digital platform, making Accurate Group the ideal choice for lenders who want to drive greater efficiency, improve loan turn times and ultimately better serve the consumer.  Accurate Group is also leading the charge on digitizing other critical steps in the real estate lending process, including expanding AppraisalWorks™, our affiliate’s appraisal management platform, to include title and closing services.”

As of today, AppraisalWorks offers lenders the option to utilize on-boarded approved service providers on Fannie Mae’s Value Acceptance + Property Data list in order to empower lenders to choose multiple providers.

AppraisalWorks provides an agnostic SaaS platform to lenders and servicers for managing the broader valuation process. Clients using AppraisalWorks are able to build a vendor panel of AMCs, appraisers, or both, and use the system to manage their orders with all providers in a centralized location.

Through its focus on continuous technology innovation, Accurate Group has developed the broadest set of technology-driven appraisal, valuation data collection and title products on the market today, serving the majority of the top 25 U.S. real estate lenders.

For more information on planning your path to appraisal modernization, download The Lender’s Guide to Appraisal Modernization.


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Accurate Group is a real estate technology and services leader delivering technology-driven property appraisal, title data, analytics and digital closing solutions to banks, credit unions, servicers, non-banks and capital market firms. By combining modern process automation, accurate data and innovative SaaS and mobile technologies, Accurate Group provides its clients with the best combination of speed, quality, regulatory compliance and price. With Accurate Group, the real estate finance community and consumers benefit from market-leading solutions that enable modern digital frameworks, improve accuracy, lower costs and improve compliance across all types of real estate loans, mortgage-related assets and real estate portfolios. Visit

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AppraisalWorks is a cloud-based appraisal management technology platform that enables lenders to order, manage, and analyze real estate appraisals and collateral valuations. Through its Community and Enterprise versions, AppraisalWorks improves process efficiency, ensures regulatory compliance, facilitates collaboration, and enables process automation – providing lenders with seamless valuation technology to reduce turnaround times, costs per loan, and improve the overall borrower experience. AppraisalWorks is patented under U.S. Patent 10,635,999. Visit to transform your appraisal management function from costly overhead to a competitive advantage.


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