Get faster, more accurate property condition reports with GroundWorks mobile app

Get faster, more accurate property condition reports with GroundWorks mobile app

Today we announced the latest release of our market-leading mobile app for property inspections. The GroundWorksTM app is the first of its kind in the industry, combining a crowdsourcing model, localized expertise and automated process workflows to accelerate the delivery of more accurate property condition reports. The application connects Accurate Group’s nationwide network of pre-screened real estate property inspectors and empowers them with an Uber-like model for securing and responding to requests for property condition reports. Banks, mortgage lenders, loan servicers and credit unions benefit from faster turnaround on property inspection requests, plus the increased accuracy and insight that only a local, on-the-ground property inspector can deliver.

The application’s new interface and underlying architecture are designed specifically for use on mobile devices, making it ideal for on-the-go property inspectors. The app enables local property inspectors to respond to incoming requests for property condition reports, use built-in GPS technology to pinpoint property location and leverage integrated camera support to capture property details. The app also allows inspectors to instantly capture relevant property specifications – essentially building the property condition report in real-time, all with the GroundWorks app. This ensures timely, accurate details are captured and delivered.

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Real estate lenders and servicers are always looking for ways to lower the cost per loan without sacrificing quality, accuracy and compliance. Accurate Group is leading the industry by applying the latest technologies – mobile, crowdsourcing, automation – to accelerate and improve appraisal management and title processes. GroundWorks will change the game in the real estate industry – we’re raising the bar on property inspection turnaround times and delivering the level of accuracy that only local, on-the-ground expertise can deliver.

Accurate Group also recently announced the release of its next-generation Archer® appraisal management and title platform, further demonstrating the company’s industry leadership in technology innovation.

Learn more about the GroundWorks mobile app and our ValueNet suite of home equity appraisal and portfolio valuation tools, or contact us to request a demo.


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