Year in Review from the CIO of Accurate Group and ValueNet

Year in Review from the CIO of Accurate Group and ValueNet

We are now 16 years into the 21st century and the effect of technology on our lives is accelerating exponentially. In 2016 Accurate Group was again named one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine for the 6th year in a row.  It is clearly people who make the difference and our technology that enables bright people to evolve and grow.   As the CIO of Accurate Group, here is my report to clients, partners and employees on our performance in three important areas of technology – dependability, security, and innovation.


We are pleased to report that Accurate Group delivered 99.9% system uptime in 2016 for all client facing portals and automated interfaces. We are committed to delivering dependable systems.  Whenever Accurate Group’s dependability, or our communication, fail to meet your expectations please call or email us. We will fix it.


Accurate Group’s most recent  SOC 2 / Type 2 report is completed and now available on demand. For your protection, I recommend that you only partner with service organizations that can provide a certified SOC 2 / Type 2 independently audited compliance review.  Just listening to today’s news gives us all a renewed passion for keeping private information secure in 2017 and requires us to constantly inspect and adapt our security practices.


A strong managed services provider is responsible for researching and implementing innovative technology that delivers business benefit to you. Accurate Group’s focus is on providing innovation to the appraisal and title industries. Here are examples of key innovations we delivered in 2016:

  1. New Online Closing Platform:  Accurate Group recently released a new electronic closing platform in the 4th quarter of 2016. It is exciting to deliver online remote closings in a way that actually works in real life!!  Our approach to technology can delight your customers in 2017. Included with the platform is a video of the online customer experience for your inspection and review. This enables continual improvement and your customized recommendations that are helpful as a training method for our professional staff.
  2. New Online 3rd Party Audit Tools:  Many lenders struggle with an effective way to manage 3rd party appraisal providers. As an industry-leading AMC, Accurate Group recently released a new online audit tool that customizes, simplifies and automates your compliance responsibilities.
  3. New Electronic Interfaces:  Our goal is to interface with everyone to reduce your costs and redundant effort. The KEY to this goal is the use of industry standards to create open electronic interfaces and tear down the proprietary walls that ultimately create roadblocks and reduce your choices. Accurate Group supports MISMO standards and is an open provider who invites interfaces with all industry players. In 2016 Accurate Group completed 22 new interfaces. Please let your loan origination system and middleware connectivity providers know that Accurate Group is available to help them in this area.
  4. New and Continual Technology Enhancements: Our progress has been pretty stunning. For example: in 2015 Accurate Group released 204 enhancements to our managed services platforms, appraisal and title products. In 2016 Accurate Group released an additional 181 enhancements. Each year of technology enhancement builds on the advances of previous years, and this creates a positive feedback loop of improvements. Each new year creates the next stage of exponential growth that will be evidenced  by new products and services that Accurate Group will be announced in 2017.

As always, our technology and process innovations focus on helping you shorten loan cycle times and improve profitability, while also maintaining compliance and improving accuracy.

Happy New Year!  Rest assured that Accurate Group will be here to support your growth and success in 2017.

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