Alternative Valuations

Alternative Valuations

Deliver the optimal real estate valuation for every transaction.

Not every real estate loan requires a full appraisal, but the changing regulatory landscape has complicated the decision of determining the right valuation product for each situation. It’s no wonder you spend so much time worrying about appraisals. Accurate Group’s Valuation Cascade takes the guess work out of determining the correct valuation product. Our team of valuation experts works in collaboration with you to build valuation cascades that meet the unique needs of your business and are designed to deliver the most cost effective, regulatory compliant valuation for each transaction.

Get the best mix of quality, price, speed and compliance for every valuation situation.

The Accurate Valuation Cascade can incorporate the full spectrum of valuation products, from automated valuation models (AVMs), broker price opinions (BPOs) and mobile property inspections (PCRs) to our industry-leading Accurate ValueNetTM and traditional appraisal solutions – we help you maximize profit margins and customer service while still maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

Innovative technology and a focus on compliance.

Accurate Group has developed the most advanced technology in appraisal management, enabling us to deliver the fastest, most accurate, regulatory compliant valuations in the industry.  Our intense focus on compliance has enabled Accurate Group to emerge as the first and leading appraisal management and compliance company (AMCC™) in the industry. For you, that means lower risk and peace of mind.

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Accurate Valuation Cascade and comprehensive portfolio of valuation products
Optimal balance of quality, price, speed and compliance
Innovative on-demand technology ensures accuracy and rapid turnaround
Turnkey valuation compliance and audit support
Exceptional service, nationwide coverage
Proven, industry-leading provider with reliable, dependable network