Are real estate appraisal turn times hurting your business?

Are real estate appraisal turn times hurting your business?

Improve appraisal turn times with iValueNet

Speed up appraisal turn times

If slow appraisal turn times are giving you headaches, you’re not alone. The number of real estate appraisers continues to decline, and lenders are struggling to keep loan cycles short. Delays in appraisal turnaround impact profitability and borrower service levels, and the appraiser shortage is projected to get worse. Now is the time to re-think how you handle property appraisals. If you have a large volume of home equity or portfolio mortgage loans, there is an alternative that can be used on loans of any size, including those over $250,000 – iValueNet™.


Leverage technology to supplement appraisers

iValueNet combines the #1 desktop appraisal technology with an interior inspection, using mobile crowdsourcing technology to accelerate property inspections and get accurate data to appraisers faster. The ValueNet™ suite from Accurate Group is the industry’s leading home equity appraisal technology and is used by 21 of the top 25 home equity lenders. iValueNet can replace 1004 appraisals on some home equity and portfolio loan transactions, delivering faster turnaround than traditional appraisals at a savings of $100+ per appraisal, while meeting FIRREA requirements.

Combining state-of-the art desktop and mobile technology, a USPAP-compliant valuation process and final appraisal preparation by a licensed or certified appraiser, iValueNet is the smart appraisal alternative for your home equity and portfolio mortgage loans.

Immediate return on investment

In addition to improving appraisal turnaround times by 25-50%, implementing iValueNet can deliver significant expense reductions – with the potential to eliminate 50% or more of your total appraisal spend on home equity and portfolio loan originations and reduce the cost per loan by 10% or more.

What are you waiting for?

With one simple change, you can accelerate appraisal turn times, improve borrower service and boost the profitability of your residential real estate lending business. Download our fact sheet – How to Speed Up Appraisal Turn Times and share it with your colleagues. Then contact us at 866-498-9066 or to discuss your specific business needs.

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